About us

Mission Statement

Loving Shepherd Early Learning Center (LSELC) exists to provide Christian nurture, support, and education to parents and children, so they may know Jesus and touch the lives of others with His love.


LSELC is committed to work in partnership with parents to provide the best care possible for children. In a caring, Christian atmosphere children explore their environment and receive guidance in participation to increase self-esteem and personal success. Safe and secure age-appropriate learning is emphasized. Christian education and values are integrated into daily living curriculum.



It is the philosophy of LSELC that young children learn most effectively when they have the opportunity to explore their environment and experience a variety of materials and situations while they play. We also believe in a responsive development approach to early childhood learning which emphasizes that each child develops at their own rate and that progress is measured individually rather than in comparison to other children in their group.

LSELC is a Christ-centered program. Learning experiences are taught from the Christian perspective that each child is a child of God and that all people are deserving of respect as creatures of God. In accordance with this philosophy, we include prayer, worship, Bible stories and teaching, and service to others as part of our curriculum.